Hotel Atrium’s Restaurant is not only the best Italian cuisine in Szczecin but a place that offers you a catering service on the high level standard. Plates full of delicious and refined refreshments or other dishes are prepared by our reputable cooks and chefs. Everyone that takes the opportunity to choose from our rich catering offer can be sure it will not disappoint him.

Dishes which we recommend for the business meeting held in the company, home party or for example garden party are:

Cold Starter:

– Corks served on grapefruit (fresh fruits, cheeses, meat)
– Tortilla stuffed with vegetables and chicken
– Conference sandwiches – 1 portion 4 triangles of toasted bread
– Vegetarian sandwiches with salad and seasonal vegetables
– Szczecin sandwich with salad, tomatoes, cucumber, two kinds of ham
– Fisherman sandwich with salad, tuna, pickled cucumber and chive
– Bruschetta – toasts with tomatoes and garlic
– Banquet plate chicken jelly, loin roast with plum, pork neck, and three kinds of cheese
– Mediterranean plate – set of grilled vegetables – courgette, aubergine, pepper, salami, Prosciutto di Parma
– Eggs stuffed with tuna, horseradish, ham and chive
– Ham rolls
– Home-made vegetable salad
– Salmon tartar
– Herring tartar
– Herring in oil
– Scandinavian herring in honey – mustard sauce


– Potatoes salad in mayonnaise sauce
– Pasta salad with crab fingers
– Potatoes and herring salad
– Vegetarian salad composed from iceberg lettuce, seasonal vegetables, vinaigrette dressing
– Tuna salad composed from iceberg lettuce, seasonal vegetables, tuna, and egg
– Salad with feta cheese, iceberg lettuce, egg, ham
– Salad with crab, fingers iceberg lettuce, seasonal vegetables, ham, pineapple, cocktail sauce
– Chef’s salad with grilled chicken composed from iceberg lettuce, seasonal vegetables, and honey – pepper sauce

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