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Restaurant in Hotel Atrium is a symbol of hospitable interior. It is a perfect place for the sumptuous meeting, intimate party or just for the nice Sunday dinner with friends.

Restaurant offers the high quality dishes from Italian cuisine. It is the quintessence of simplicity and refinement – flavors that are beloved by everyone. Why? Even though their simplicity they satisfy the most demanded gourmets. Hotel Atrium’s Restaurant is a perfect choice if you are the Italian cuisine lover – It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Szczecin. In our kitchen you can find the high quality product in the best cooks’ hands (unchanged from the beginning). Our cooks worked out real Italian recaptures.

It is worth to visit this Restaurant. Rooms of Restaurant are air-conditioned. They admire you with the elegant style, pastel colors and are furnished with taste. It is a wonderful place to hold a wide meeting or to organize a romantic dinner in the candlelight. In the summer our Guests have the opportunity to use an intimate terrace. The terrace is hidden from the noisy Wojska Polskiego Street and allows you to relax on the fresh air accompanied with the Mediterranean flavors of local dishes

Hotel Atrium’s Restaurant Chefs – are leading team and our kitchen for ten years. During last years of our work we have create a significant character of this Restaurant – the Italian dishes harmonically united with our polish traditional cuisine. What can we say about our kitchen? It is fresh, seasonal and full of high quality products. Our meals cannot be cheated with the half measures. We follow modern trends and we still extend our skills.

Our chef`s

Jarosław Helstajn: „The thing we value the most in our kitchen is high quality and freshness of our products as well as dishes. Menu is created in the way that allows us to prepare dishes just before serving. Thanks to that we keep a very high standard of our and our customers’ expectations. It is a great advantage of the Italian cuisine which we base on.

We got our regular Guests that are visiting us to try their favorite dishes. Even if this dish does not figure in the daily menu we are able to prepare and serve it. We are flexible – we create menu for concrete event and prepare it to its character and customer expectations. It is especially important during the wedding parties when polish cuisine reign on the tables.

I have been cooking for 30 years. I don’t even remember why I have started? I can truly say that I love what am I doing and I am very satisfied to know that customers are pleased. Guests who have been visiting us for years are the best evidence that my work make sense.”


Jerzy Miezio: „We are leading Hotel Atrium’s Restaurant from the beginning – from last 10 years. We have known each other before we started to work here. We cooperate in German Restaurants in Frankfurt am Main. We both had a chance to complete our skills with the European character of this cuisine. Today we are able to combine both the Mediterranean cuisine together with Polish tradition in a very skilfully and harmonic way. We are chiefs not only in the Restaurant but also in our Homes and I truly know that cod in caviar sauce gives a way to the traditional broth.

I work in the kitchen for 25 years and I was not as optimistic as I am now about all of this. I was caught with cooking later. It came with people that I used to work with. Just after school I was trained by a Cook who has been running the Restaurant in Kaskada Centre. She gave me all this love for cooking that I possess now.

If you ask me about dishes specially appreciated by our Guests I have to mention veal shank in the vegetable sauce as well as our authorship, typical Italian Fettuccinea’la Chef with the beef loin and fresh small tomatoes. What tool is necessary in our kitchen? Decent and sharp knife together with our great team adjusted to working together. All can be hard without this.”

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